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History of Windows Registry Cleaners

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The Story from the Beginning

Windows Registry is often taken for granted but one should understand the reason behind the creation of Windows Registry. The history of Microsoft Windows Registry dates back to Windows 3.1 when manufacturers created computers with the basic ideology that only a limited number of applications would be executed requiring minimum system settings to be handled. This belief started to change in 1992 after the release of Windows 3.1.

Size variation of the hard disk was an important factor leading to evolution of Microsoft Registry Cleaner. As the sizes grew from 80 MB in 1992 to 400 MB in 1994 and finally to 1GB, data handling became a serious issue. How to enable users to perform maintenance on their own systems became the hot topic of discussion.

With the introduction of Windows 3.1 major issues emerged as it stimulated storage of file settings in .ini files in the OS. As .ini files were human-readable, there was no central model of their storage. They were randomly scattered all over the hard drive and as a result could not be handled in optimal manner.

Registry Cleaner Microsoft’s properties were introduced with the release of Windows 95. Initially the settings had been simple; later on with the introduction of Windows 98 and Windows NT, registry settings saw many refined touches. These changes were loved by developers who got a greater power to handle data at one platform. Over the years, little major or prominent changes emerged in the registry sector, giving the push to the evolution of Microsoft registry cleaner utilities.

What Can a Modern Registry Cleaner Do?

A software utility able to remove unwanted, obsolete or redundant data from the Microsoft Windows operating system is termed as the registry cleaner.

Microsoft registry cleaners provide the best means to optimize and speed up a computer. Microsoft Registry Cleaner can remove configuration settings, unused files and obsolete data in the registry to provide more space.

A Microsoft registry cleaner can also scan the whole registry and deal with registry entries related to COM programs. It’s almost impossible to do manual registry cleanups because of its enormous size and complexity of data arrangement. Therefore, do it using registry cleaner Microsoft and save your mental energy as well as achieve a secure solution to registry cleanup.

Up-to-date registry is very essential in order to boost your system’s performance level. An important fact that you should keep in mind is that registry cleaner Microsoft that will eradicate entries that have significant impact on system efficiency. A good Microsoft registry cleaner is the one that will not only delete thousands and millions of registry entries but also take action against potential and effective wrong entries. Go for Quality, not Quantity!

Keep in mind that it is very tricky to use a registry cleaner Microsoft, as it needs expertise. So download registry cleaner software only from trusted vendors and beware of the malware that can disguise itself as registry cleaner Microsoft.

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